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Oil Balancing in Soaps? Need Ultra Moisturizing Soap?

Do you wonder if Soaps really help you with improving your skin? Have you experienced dryness after used handmade soaps as well? We have heard customers say, "We bought a Handmade soap, and its like detergent makes the skin dry?"

Most of the soap makers use Coconut Oil which although is very good for the skin, and ultra cleansing properties, which leads to hyper dry skin. Coconut oil when saponified has among the highest cleansing property of the oils used to make soap. It will strip your skin of its natural oils leaving the skin dry.

So as a customer you did the right decision to move to Handmade Soaps to return back to more natural bathing, but you might have forgotten to research on the Oils used.

Coconut oil, when saponified (i.e., turns into Soap when Caustic Soda is mixed with Oils) and becomes Sodium Cocoate. Sodium Cocoate is a very aggressive cleanser. For this reason, we use coconut oil up to not more than 34% of our oils in soap making.

You might have come across a lot of Handmade Soaps in the Indian market made with Single Oil as the base foundation, due to the ample availability of the Oil in the region

So, how do balance?

We balance our soap recipe with conditioning or moisturizing oils and in our case Rice Bran and Castor Oils which we will discuss in detail in our next blog.

We also adequately superfat the recipe.

So what is "Super Fat"?

Superfatting is either adding an extra amount of oil to your soap recipe.

The first is, a small amount of extra "free" oil in the soap adds extra moisturizing qualities to the soap. This can often be referred to as "emollient" qualities. Basically, it makes the soap more moisturizing to the skin.

So, our soaps are delicately hand-crafted with the utmost care, to ensure it cleanses naturally and does not strip your skin of any Oils.

Over time, you would notice that you would even forgo the need to apply any lotions, or creams to compensate for the dryness as our soaps not only cleanse but deeply hydrate the skin with Superfat and Balanced Oils which is a bonus isn't it?

Here is the ingredient list for our popular Kasturi Manjal Soap

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